Helping accountants work internationally

With the accountancy industry highly dominated by large international accounting firms it is often difficult for small and medium-sized accountancy firms to make their presence felt in the International accounting arena. As a result joining an international association, like EAI International, is the easiest way for an independent firm to work and service their clients internationally.  

Since 1986 EAI International member firms have been offering a wide variety of services including audit, accounting, financial management, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, payroll, local and international tax advice to both corporate and private clients.

All EAI members are qualified and regulated in their own jurisdiction and are vetted prior to being approved for membership.

Our purpose, our members

EAI International’s purppose is to provide its members and their clients with easy access to qualified and independent full-service firms who are able to service their clients’ globally.

Our members provide high quality, and in many cases award winning, accountancy, auditing, personal and corporate tax advice worldwide. Our members cover a broad spectrum of industries and many are highly respected in their professional field with excellent professional reputations.

An EAI member is an adviser that you can trust to act transparently and ethically with client focus, professionalism and respect.

EAI International has a relationship with Interlegal an international network of commercial law firms which extends our reach beyond our profession.


The Board of Directors

Chairman: Yves Marguerat, Switzerland
Vice-Chairman: Emili Coll i Collet, Spain
General Secretary: Jean-Marie Cadren, France
Treasurer: Jonathan Sturm, France

- Beth Attebery, USA
- Adriano Cancellari, Italy
- Claude Carduner, France
- John Graham, Netherlands
- Eric Mercanton,Switzerland


- Dinos Papadopoulos, Cyprus
- Leopoldo J. Rios, USA
- Ian Mark Rubinson, United Kingdom
- Audace Sekarimunda, Burundi
- Sébastien Thibal, Luxembourg



Our Committees

  • Development Committee
  • Acceptance Committee
  • Marketing & Communication Committee
  • Next Gen Committee
  • Tax Committee
  • IAS/IFRS Committee
  • Book Taxes in Europe Committee
  • Book Taxes in America Committee
  • Book Taxes in Africa Committee

Our members can access information on our committees and their members below.


Committee Information

In brief...

  • Created in 1986
  • 958 accredited professionals
  • 2886 employees
  • Located in more than 250 towns and cities worldwide
  • Top 20 Association globally (International Accounting Bulletin 2021).
  • Partnered with CharterGroup in the United Kingdom
  • Partnered with Interlegal (an international association of lawyers)


Our values

  • Respect
    A multi-cultural association founded on mutual respect
  • Independence 
    All our member firms are independent and regulated in their own jurisdiction
  • Trust 
    Each member undertakes to build relationships based on professionalism, trust, respect and equality
  • Collaboration 
    Our members share a common goal to share ideas, expertise and projects to benefit us all


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