Are you looking to join an Association of Independent Accountants, Auditors and Tax Advisers?

Business has become international, your clients are adapting to this trend but are you able to properly service your clients without access to a trusted international network of contacts?  

By joining EAI you will benefit from: 

  • The ability to service your clients
  • The opportunity to win new business 
  • Networking opportunities online and by attending conferences regionally and internationally
  • Access to expert training
  • Ability to learn from your peers who are not in direct competition with you
  • Education and training on new business techniques 

All of our members are independent and share the common values of client service and professionalism as well as being focused and committed to driving their businesses forward.  

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Is your firm ready for the future?

The most successful auditing and accountancy firms are those that have invested in their future. The business environment is constantly changing, and this in itself brings new challenges.

EAI International helps its members with these challenges in 3 ways:

  • Your ability to service clients in other countries/regions
  • Thought leadership in specific sectors or industries
  • A wealth of experience in different business situations

"EAI International,
helping independent
firms grow