Calendar of Events - 2024

Next Gen's Webinars


A series of 6 webinars began in autumn 2023. These courses, given by Julie Charef in English, are open to all young managers and future leaders of member firms.
To take part and register, contact Jerome at
Each module is presented from 5.00pm to 6.00pm 


Thursday 25 January        Taking your place as a new manager
Thursday 14 March           Communicating with impact
Thursday 23 May               Mastering conflicts and difficult conversations
Thursday 20 June             Using feedback
Thursday 26 September   Motivating others effectively 


The annual theme of the webinars we are offering our members during 2024 is: Management and Leadership, essential tools for a successful transfer of the business.

The 3 webinars we are offering will cover various aspects of the subject:

Thursday 8 February at 5.00pm     Great leaders create more leaders
Thursday 30 May at 5.00pm           Managing stakeholder expectations
Thursday 3 October at 5.00pm      Self-leadership throughout the process 


Annual Convention

EAI International held its first Annual Conference in 1991 and it has held one annually since. The EAI International Annual Conference is held for our members and invited guests only. 

At the EAI International Annual conference our members are encouraged to exchange ideas, knowledge and share expertise in an informal environment amongst friends.  

Together with our Annual Conference, EAI International also arranges regional conferences every year.  You will find details on our forthcoming conferences and meetings below.

2024 Marseille

Past Conferences



Spring Meetings

EAI International organizes its spring meeting to allow its members to meet and network.
This year the meeting will hold in Dublin, Ireland from June 13 to 16.

Dublin 2024


All EAI members can access past conference content and presentations through our Members’ hub, please click here and log in to access the content. LINK