Calendar of Events - 2022

20 January: Webinar  "How to attract and retain a great team", by Amanda C Watts      

31 March: Webinar Presentation of the 2021 Annual Figures

19 May:
Webinar by James Potter, the Linkedin Man

16 - 19 June: Spring Meeting, Limassol  - Cyprus

22 September: Webinar "What are NFTs"

28 October to 1st November: Annual Convention, San Francisco - USA

24 November: Webinar

15 December: Virtual Christmas Party


Annual Convention

EAI International held its first Annual Conference in 1991 and it has held one annually since. The EAI International Annual Conference is held for our members and invited guests only. 

At the EAI International Annual conference our members are encouraged to exchange ideas, knowledge and share expertise in an informal environment amongst friends.  

Together with our Annual Conference, EAI International also arranges regional conferences every year.  You will find details on our forthcoming conferences and meetings below.

2022 Conference

Past Conferences



Spring Meetings


EAI International organizes its spring meeting to allow its members to meet and network.
This year the meeting was held in Limassol, Cyprus from June 16 to 19.



All EAI members can access past conference content and presentations through our Members’ hub, please click here and log in to access the content. LINK