We are pleased to offer free to our members a number of webinars each year. Our webinar topics are broad and we try to offer training and support on the current issues our members are facing alongside technical updates and a focus personal soft skills. 

The Next webinar will held on May 19 2022 at 5.00pm CET

We invite you to join us and James Potter “The Linkedin Man” at our webinar on 19 May 2022 at CET

James started using LinkedIn in his corporate life as a Sales Director. By using Linkedin it enabled James to seek new relationships, remind clients of breadth of value, and achieve sales engagements worth over £10 million.

James has trained over 6,000 accounts which includes firms of all sizes across 74 countries including corporations such as IBM and HISCOX.

During this session we invite you to come along and learn more about LinkedIn – the context, gain a strategic overview, find out about the types of people that “hang out” there and the common pitfalls.

More about James’ session is set out below.

Are you connecting, collecting or cashing in with LinkedIn?

Social media has been grabbing headlines for years but LinkedIn isn’t social media ….

LinkedIn is a social network for executives and business professionals and has grown to over 811 million people. It continues to grow at an additional million users a week and now LinkedIn contains over 60% of the businesspeople on the planet!

Are you just trying to find the one person you need, the next client, staff member and a route to talk with or meet them but don’t know how? LinkedIn can help.

LinkedIn lets you leverage the people you know to reach the people they know, get warm introductions and access to people you could never reach with a cold call. It bridges the gap between you and those you want to know and if you use it right it will even send you emails about the people you want to meet that your friends already know.



As well as training and webinars are also offer our members access to free online networking sessions. We offer these both globally and regionally. We offer these sessions to improve the communications between our members and encourage a greater cross referral of clients. We hope that you find these sessions both helpful and insightful and we invite you to join us at our next sessions as follows:

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