We are pleased to offer free to our members a number of webinars each year. Our webinar topics are broad and we try to offer training and support on the current issues our members are facing alongside technical updates and a focus personal soft skills. Our forthcoming webinars are as follows:

  • 2 November 2020, 5.00pm CET - Topic: 

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As well as training and webinars are also offer our members access to free online networking sessions. We offer these both globally and regionally. We offer these sessions to improve the communications between our members and encourage a greater cross referral of clients. We hope that you find these sessions both helpful and insightful and we invite you to join us at our next sessions as follows:

We are delighted to invite you to join us at our May networking session which will be presented by one of our recent new members Nick Urry of Dexterous Group located in Sydney Australia and Orbis Accounting in Thailand and The Henry Levy Group in California, USA.

As this session will cover each of the world’s time zones we are sure you will appreciate how complex bringing this session to fruition has been.

In order to ensure that we cover each of the time zones and allow as many of our members as possible the opportunity to join us we have arranged 2 sessions for May.

The first session

For Europe and those that logistically work to the CET time zone, Nick Urry, Sydney and Orbis Accounting, Thailand will present on 27 May at 9.00am CET.
The local times for this session will be as follows:

- Sydney 5.00pm
- Thailand 2.00pm
- United Arab Emirates 11.00am
- France 9.00am
- United Kingdom 8.00am
- The second session

For the USA and Latin America, Nick Urry, Sydney and The Henry Levy Group, California (USA) will present on 27 May at 6.00pm EDT.

The local times for this session will be as follows:

- Paris midnight
- New York 6.00pm
- Miami 6.00pm
- Mexico City 5.00pm
- San Francisco 3.00pm
- Sydney 8.00am (28 May)

We kindly request that you note your diary accordingly and join the session relevant to your time zone.



If you would like to  attend one of these sessions, please email at to register.


EAI International members have free access of the recording of the latest Networkings and Webinars, for watching them, select the button below.

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