In this area of our website you will find not only details and information on the latest events on offer by EAI International but you also have access to our newsletters and articles shared by our members. You will also be able to read about our “member of the month”and receive an update directly from them on how they are working with their clients today.

We would encourage all members to send us any articles they wish to share with their fellow members.



Sameer Mittal shares his lockdown experience 30.04.2020

Sameer Mittal shares his lockdown experience

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We will make it 23.04.2020

We will make it

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Member of the Month

At EAI International we are proud of our members, the work that they do to support and assist their clients and the contribution they make to the accounting and tax profession globally.

Each month EAI International proudly highlights one of its members as our “member of the month”. In September, we are proud to present: 

Berson Antadaya
October 2020



M. Vittoria Laurita
September 2020









N° 4/September 2020


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